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The Catalina Film Society, a part of the Catalina Film Festival, celebrates cinema on and with Catalina.

Presenting independent, unreleased and always fantastic cinema for you to enjoy and experience the Catalina Film Society brings the world of movies to Catalina.

Listen to Movies:
Ron Truppa and the CFS will now also bring movies to the radio! Tune in for the behind the scenes insights into the films being screened. From the directors to the actors and everyone involved in between you will hear them share the cinematic process from starting with just an idea to getting people to see the idea and all the beauty that goes along the way.


Listen every Saturday at 2:00 PM.
CFS screenings are typically the second Wednesday of the month, typically at Overlook Hall conference room beginning at 7:00 PM.


Canyon Prince -January, 2014
Hard Sun Poster

Canyon Prince co-wrote and directed Hard Sun the first feature film by Two Guys and a Film production company.


Jack Robinette & Edie Robinette-Petrachi -December, 2013


Listen to Summer Children Producer Jack Robinette and Restoration Producer Edie Robinette Petrachi discuss the 1965 film Summer Children, an Art House coming of age film with much of it filmed on Catalina! Find out even more here.


Joe Burke -July, 2013


Listen to what Joe Burke has to say about what he has to show in Four Dogs, his first full length feature film. Staring Oliver Cooper and Dan Bakkedahl.


Michael Horelick -June, 2013
many boards

Michael Horelick gives the rundown of The Signal Hill Speed Run documentary covering the the historic event that ran from 1975-1978.


Deborah Bauer -May, 2013

This episode takes place live in the KISL Green House Studio with KISL’s own Mike on the Mic talking to Ron Truppa about the intricacies of putting on The Catalina Film Festival. Accompanying the discussion is Deborah Bauer, Talent Coordinator for the festival, and her many years of experience in “the business.”

Hear from Brandon Vedder as he talks to Ron about ‘la source‘, a documentary he co-wrote and co-produced about two brother’s love for their home in Haiti and their efforts to improve life in their home town of la source. Also on discussion is the 2011 short documentary ‘Catalina Explore Project‘ Brandon co-directed with Zac Smith of and The Collective Sound.

**Be sure to attend this special screening this Saturday April 13th at 1:00**
A Q&A with Brandon Vedder will take place immediately following the films.

Screening this week takes place at the Avalon Community Church.

Did you miss the live Q&A? Well to test your visual imagination here is the direct audio (sometimes it does get quite) for you to enjoy and picture what it would have been like, and what it will be like next time when you get to make it out…

Jay Gammill serves up a behind the scenes taste of his film Free Samples.


Hans Fjellestad and Thea Mercouffer -Feb. 2013


Ron talks to Sunset Strip The Movie director Hans Fjellestad and Rock The Boat director Thea Mercouffer about their “two amazingly different controversial films about Los Angeles.”

Both documentaries were screened as a double feature for the Catalina Film Societies February 2013 showing.

Interesting development with the LA River, a greenway!


John Lyons Murphy -Jan. 2012

Broken Kingdom Posterkindgdom come

Ron talks to John Lyons Murphy co-director/co-writer/producer/editor of Kingdom Come, the documentary about the making of Broken Kingdom. See Broken Kingdom Saturday January 12, 2013 with the Catalina Film Society.


John Chuldenko -Nov. 2012



Ron Truppa talks with John Chuldenko writher/director of Nesting. Listen to their discussion of film, film history, Catalina, Nesting, and more…!

Catalina Film Festival founder Ron Truppa talks with David Spaltro writer/director of Things I don’t Understand.   Listen to their interview and then come see the film Saturday October 13th!
And if you missed the screening check your local Film Festival and keep your eyes out for Things I Don’t Understand


Catalina Film Festival, an annual celebration of film on the only West Coast resort island, features more than 75 films, nightly events and entertainment. From Charlie Chaplin to Marilyn Monroe, celebrities and filmmakers have flocked to Catalina for inspiration. Clear blue water and coastal breezes provide the perfect backdrop for unparalleled premieres, yacht and mansion parties, industry networking and discovering everything that the island has to offer— just 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. Films are screened at multiple venues around the island, including the iconic, art deco, 1,200-seat Avalon Theatre— the world’s first sound theatre. Catalina Film Festival is a competitive festival with awards in up to 10 categories, including the prestigious Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation “Great Communicator” Award and the ISLA Earth Award; an honor presented by the Festival’s beneficiary, the Catalina Island Conservancy. For more information, visit CatalinaFilm(dot)org or follow us on twitter: @CatalinaFilm or Facebook: Catalina Film Festival

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