Movies on the Radio

Radio has always been an oral medium, but now KISL is partnering with the folks at the Catalina Film Festival to bring you the latest in all things cinema, for your ears only…

Tune in and hear discussions and insights from film makers as they share their stories behind the movies they make.

Every month the Catalina Fim Society brings you new movies, many not yet released. The one thing all the movies shared have in common is they are very good.

To add to the cinematic experience and to continue in the mission of the Film Society and KISL to share with the Catalina community we are proud to present Catalina Film Radio.  Before each months movie screening you will be able to hear from the people involved in making the movie happen.

Listen to our first episode with Ron Truppa of the Catalina Film Festival and David Spaltro writer/director of Things I don’t Understand.

KISL and the Catalina Film Society present CATALINA FILM RADIO! Hear what they have to show.

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