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  1. Hello, fantastic music! What song was played today 4/16/2013 between 4:45pm & 5:00pm, it was played after Nirvana’s The Man Who Sold The World – it had a slow tempo & was sung by a female. It was the only song in the set by a female singer played in the 15 minutes right after Nirvana but before the 5:00 news break. Thanks.

  2. is there going to be vido of Teurfs cousin weekend @ about 4;30 and if so how doI download i

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  4. In Thailand trying to Catch Mike on the Saturday 3-6 is that PM or AM and his show on Tuesday. I just want to add the stream is great here, Hot music for the tropics. Will be sharing a link on my FB if that’s cool with you.
    Dave Strider

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