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Transom Returns to Catalina

The Traveling Workshop is back on Catalina for its fifth year of radio storytelling.

Be sure to listen the culmination of the weeks work when the 9 student pieces are premiered live on the radio, including interviews with each student producer.

Come to City (aka Machine Gun) Park for a BBQ
Listen on the radio at 88.7 FM locally
Stream from anywhere in the world onlineListening PartyCheck out the previous years workshop pieces on the ‘Avalon Speaks‘ Archive Shows page

Some Things to Listen To

KISL is  a community station, and when you turn in you hear the Catalina Community.  Check out our local DJ shows by tuning in on FM, online, and for some of our shows via podcast!

Stay tuned to find out who you can download and listen to any time!

DJ shows summer

C Shel – Gone, but not silenced


Hello dear Listeners,

Despite my recent departure from much beloved rock, Avalon, I am pushing the boundaries of my technical prowess by attempting to program from afar.  In short, LifeLines goes on!

Please tune in at the regular time, Mondays from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm to hear how goes my travels into the midwest, what people in the heartland know about Catalina, and how landlubbery life suits my intrepid self.  Music continues to play between introspective comments and observations.  I cannot take your calls, sadly, but I will check email at for your comments, requests and general jocularity. 

Listen here to archives of LifeLines from the beginning.

Fair Winds on the Air Waves, Y’all.
C Shel