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Transom Catalina 2016

The Traveling Workshop is coming back to Catalina Island, and so can you (probably for the first time, though)!

Over the last 3 years Transom and KISL have brought 24 students from around the country to learn how to produce radio stories through a full week of radio fun, and work.

Applications for the June 19-25, 2016 workshop are available and are due March 25th.

Catalina residents are eligible for a scholarship supported by CIPAF and, but you must apply online by the deadline. If you have any questions about the scholarship and the workshop feel free to email or

Hear ya’ round!Radio Workshop Catalina

There are as many stories as there are grains of sand…but get stories in your microphone, not sand.

Local Stories Heard from Far away

You can also listen to the stories from past years. So far we’ve collected 28 great stories from Catalina.
Story Workshop Returns to Catalina in June
The Catalina Island Performing Arts Foundation is offering two full scholarships to the Transom Story Workshop taking place this June here in Avalon.

The workshop, normally held in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, is an intensive week-long training in the art of audio storytelling.  Participants learn to develop NPR-style audio stories which are written, produced and broadcasted in conjunction with local radio station KISL 88.7.

The workshop travels to Catalina once each year. This year’s dates are June 14-20.  The workshop is led by internationally acclaimed radio producer Rob Rosenthal with assistance from NPR “Marketplace” reporter David Weinberg.  Catalina Island residents are invited to apply for the scholarships by visiting or by calling KISL at (424) 226-2837.

Story Workshop participants learn to create audio stories suitable for public radio broadcast.
Story Workshop participants learn to create audio stories suitable for public radio broadcast.
Workshop leader Rob Rosenthal trains future NPR reporters on Catalina once a year.
Workshop leader Rob Rosenthal trains future NPR reporters on Catalina once a year.

These everyday stories make an extra special place and KISL are proud to share this years stories from the 2014 Catalina Traveling Workshop Friday, June 20th 2014 at 19:00.

Featuring nine students who captured nine island resident stories, broadcast live from the Greenhouse Studio in Machine Gun Park.
Stop by for the show, tune in to 88.7 fm or stream anywhere in the world from right here
Storytelling is Primal
Listen to be Heard
Listen to the 2014 stories on the Archived Shows – Avalon Speaks page.
listening party 14 full bleed

You may have seen them around town with micro and head phones this week, and you may have heard the stories last year; Lolo, Jani, Jon, John, Mike and Malcolm to name a few.
Hear more local island stories this year from Sean, Mark, John, Chuck, Ernie, Robin, Marshall, Isabella and from the students who produced the pieces as we celebrate storytelling – one thing we do very well in this community; having and sharing stories.

The Story behind the Stories

at Catalina Island in Avalon on Friday, June 21, 2013.

If you are reading this you are a radio radical – or at least passively passionate about your local radio station, KISL. One of the things we are most proud of at our station is that it is really OUR station, the community of Catalina. But the week of June 17th we extended that community to Northern California, Oregon, Washington D.C., New Orleans and Woods Hole Massachusetts, to name a few.

Why these specific locations? KISL has partnered with Transom to put on their very first week long traveling Audio Workshop and that week was the week that everyone came together and made it all happen! Can you guess where some of them came from?

It has been a fantastic opportunity for our station, as well as for the students, and we would like to invite you to see, or rather, to hear the results of putting a small group of radio enthusiasts together.

Listen to the two hour broadcast premier where we talked to the students about their experience with the workshop and Catalina.

You will also be able to experience the ‘disembodied voice’ phenomenon. The students interviewed a cross section of Catalina culture and for many, including the students, this will be the first time to hear their voice coming to them from somewhere else. And while ‘that’s what I sound like?!’ is quite common, it is also fun to put a face to the voice in the classic radio ‘that’s what they look like?!’ So come down and find the answers to these fun questions.

Pick up a copy of the Catalina Islander from June 21st and you can carry the group photo with you to get a jump start on the who’s who of voices. Or check out the article here on

photos courtesy of Adam Lau


What does Service mean to you?

What do you think you get from giving ten months of service back your American community?

Find out what it means to Gold 7 the AmeriCorps NCCC team currently lending a hand to our island community this Friday February 8th at 5:30 pm.

88.7 AmeriCorps

Next time your are watching a game at Joe Machado Field, notice the native plants below the bleachers and be sure to thank the Catalina Native Plant Nursery for the plants and AmeriCorps for planting them.

Catalina’s Wild Side Caught on Film

Continuing to bring you the best of Catalina’s efforts check out this project:

Catalina Logo

Check out their Kickstarter prjoect to help make this project a reality.

88.7 wildlife documentary

Listen to the story, the passion, and the importance behind Catalina Island: A Wildlife Documentary


for the full interview, technical mistakes, eloquent convictions, rewardable efforts and all listen below:

You will hear from:
Spencer Creigh, Director/Producer:
Spencer grew up on Catalina Island. Developing a strong connection with the island and its wildlife was not only a major element of his upbringing, but it is a major aspect of his identity. Spencer has produced, written and directed seveal international documentaries on an array of different topics. Spencer carries his passion for the current and future state of the environment, humanitarianism, and adventure into every project he develops.

Pasqual Gutierrez, Producer:
Pasqual is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and producer. While he has worked on short narrative films and music videos, his emphasis and passion lies in documentary films. Pasqual has had experience producing internationally in Vilankulos, Mozambique, and has also co-produced a short, environmental documentary in Kona, Hawaii. An advocate for socail justice, cultural anthropology, and environmentalism, Pasqual utilizes the art of documentary to explore these subjects of interest.

To meet the rest of the team check out their website

Movies on the Radio

Radio has always been an oral medium, but now KISL is partnering with the folks at the Catalina Film Festival to bring you the latest in all things cinema, for your ears only…

Tune in and hear discussions and insights from film makers as they share their stories behind the movies they make.

Every month the Catalina Fim Society brings you new movies, many not yet released. The one thing all the movies shared have in common is they are very good.

To add to the cinematic experience and to continue in the mission of the Film Society and KISL to share with the Catalina community we are proud to present Catalina Film Radio.  Before each months movie screening you will be able to hear from the people involved in making the movie happen.

Listen to our first episode with Ron Truppa of the Catalina Film Festival and David Spaltro writer/director of Things I don’t Understand.

KISL and the Catalina Film Society present CATALINA FILM RADIO! Hear what they have to show.

Can you meet the Challenge

Challenger Sports soccer camp coaches talks to KISL about futbol sorry, soccer, and sharing the spirit of the sport accross the U.S.A. and especially here on Catalina.  Craig and Ajay stopped running sprints (to the beach) for a moment to sit down and make us struggle to understand their accents (only that Ajay claims tank tops are called a sleeveless or vest, and a vest is called a (inaudible)).  But there was no struggle to understand their message; good sportsmanship, good soccer, good times and a good island to visit…or maybe to open a gym/club and stay…

Above: Craig Malloy (left) Ajay Godhania (right)

It’s our city…politics

It is another election year, and our Catalina community is looking once again to choose our leaders. What makes a leader? Who are our community leaders? Do you have to be elected to be a leader?
Find out what the city council candidates think about this and more right here on KISL.

Candidates answer questions for KISLs longtime contributer Anni Marshall live on air. These interviews will be rebroadcast leading up to the election April 10th, and can always be listened to on our archives page kisl sessions.

Our community is only as strong as our input.