Wanted: You. And him. And them. And her.

The KISL studio
Our Studio

Catalina community radio – where do you fit in?  Is it your passion for music?  Are you a history buff with stories to tell?  Got a great idea for a quiz show?  Has it always been a dream of yours to produce original radio theater?

This gem, this working, breathing, living radio station can help bring your idea to our community of listeners on Catalina Island, and anywhere in the world through the internet.

Write or call me to find out how how we can train you, provide technical support, and guide you to your finished program – and to the ears of Catalina and beyond.

This is your year to do radio!

Yours in the airwaves,

Dave Markowitz,
Station Manager, KISL
(424) 226-2837

the Sounds Good idea.

As we approach broadcasting on the radio waves – this 10 year anniversary/new beginning of Avalon Radio – we at KISL are redefining what it means to ‘broadcast’.  Radio today is more than just a frequency on the dial, or a voice from some studio.  Today radio is tuned in on more than just radios.  We are free to roam from the spark coils, antennas and speakers that captivated audiences and literally ‘kept you glued to your radio’ of yesterday.  But we will not roam from the quality, creativity and care that previous generations of radio built as they established this medium into the experience and world it was and can be.

The voice on the radio is free to roam too.  Anyone can capture their story and broadcast it for people to pick up.  We at KISL are here to pick up your story and to bring you untold stories.  To explore writing stories with our voice and letting your mind be the parchment.  We are here to be a mirror for your mouth and ears reflecting back an image that you may have forgotten, or an idea that may have been blurred.  We are here to tell and be told.

As KISL expands its outreach you will hear our voice on the radio, read our messages on the internet, see our faces in the community, and be a part of all that makes up this local station, because our station’s make up is our community.

As we attempt to recapture those airwaves and stories that always surround us but too easily go unnoticed, we wish to help you see them by giving this simple reminder…


we are listening.

life has ups and downs.  they are called sound waves.  they are wonderful.

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