Dear Listener, Supporter, Community Member,

A one-year individual membership in KISL costs only $20 – less than the cost of one gallon of Catalina Island gas!  (in the not too distant future…)

A one-year PREMIUM membership in KISL costs only $50

A small amount to each of you, but a huge difference to our station and our ability to keep our equipment in working order and the airwaves filled with local programming.

Even better, your membership means you are joining a family helping to sustain and nourish our listener-supported community radio station.  Expect special invitations to radio events, and for those inclined,  access to training and technical support for your own radio show.

To join using PAYPAL (or credit card), CLICK HERE!  Please also fill out this on-line form below.
Use this link to make a donation or to buy KISL merchandise!
Stickers are $6 plus 50 cents shipping and handling, T-shirts are $20 plus $7 shipping and handling.

To pay by snail mail send your membership check to:

Catalina Island Performing Arts Foundation, c/o Christy Lins Accountancy, PO Box 2070, Avalon, CA  90704

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