iPhone Squad

So you want to join the iPhone Squad…

  1. Download “Dropbox’” to your desktop computer (www.dropbox.com). It’s free, and you will not need the paid upgrade. Now download “Dropbox” to your iPhone/smartphone from the app store. This is also free. Configure settings according to the login you have established on your desktop computer.
  2. Download the “AirRecorder” app by Roland to your iPhone/smartphone from the app store. This will also be free.
  3. Using “AirRecorder” record a test station ID using a slow and clear speaking voice: “KISL 88.7, Avalon”. Use the “Best” recording setting.  Leave a THREE SECOND tail of silence at the end of your recording.
  4. Name the recording your first name and first initial of your last name; for example name your recording “johnd” if your name is John Doe.
  5. Share the recording to your “Dropbox” account.  AirRecorder will do this for you – it’s a built-in feature. Create a folder within your Dropbox named “KISL test.”
  6. Go to your desktop computer and open your “Dropbox” folder. There will be a folder there called “KISL test.” Share this file with marko@kislavalon.com. That’s us.
  7. Email me and let me know that I should expect your test recording. My email is marko@kislavalon.com. You can also email if you need technical support.
  8. That’s it! If you are successful in creating this test recording and sharing it with me, you will be able to send your audio recordings to KISL and share them with our listeners.

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