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Special 3 HOUR, LIVE , 11th Anniversary Edition of Rapidly Rotating Records Tonight!

Tonight’s edition of Rapidly Rotating Records is a special 3 hour, LIVE show featuring 2 hours of “toe-tapping music of the 1920s and 30s”.  RRR is the longest running show on KISL, and this is our 11th anniversary. To celebrate, we’re giving away a number of vintage music CDs.  Tune in to 88.7 or streaming online at and listen for when to call in to the studio at 310.510.7469.  The third hour will feature music from the 20s to today in genres from novelty to classical!

Special 2 HOUR LIVE edition of Rapidly Rotating Records

Tonight’s Rapidly Rotating Records show is a special 2 HOUR edition LIVE from the KISL studio from 6 – 8PM.  That’s a full 2 hours of “toe-tapping music of the 1920s and 30s”, like they used to play in the Casino Ballroom when it first opened. We’ll be celebrating the birthdays of Fats Waller, Grant Clarke and Henry Busse, we’ll do some wandering, play some “wrap” music and for the last 2 segments of the show we’ll go “simply wild”!  Tune in over the air or listen streaming online, but either way, please give me a call during the show on the studio line at 310.510.7469.


This is Patrick McLaughlin, I give you the Sports Report on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 6-11am, just after the hour.

Starting next Monday the 23rd, I will be providing a new sports report to the people of Catalina Island, with a new weekday schedule, Monday-Friday 6-11am just after the hour. I will also be active posting on the website, and providing you the ability to listen to my sports report on demand. I have uploaded my previous shows below so you can catch up on what you have been missing.

I am currently covering, the Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers, LA Kings, Ducks, LA Galaxy and local sports such as Avalon High School. Is there something you want to hear covered? Send me an email at:

Thank you for listening, be sure to tune in for the revamped schedule starting next Monday.

Patrick McLaughlin


Sports 5/16/11

Sports 5/13/11

Sports 5/11/11

Sports 5/9/11

Sports 5/6/11

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That’s right!  The KISL shows live on.

Missed your favorite night of the week?  Can’t remember that great song played, or that surprisingly eloquent insight you heard on KISL?

Check out past shows from all our dj’s, events and recordings at the Archived Shows page.  Here you will find the shows that help give KISL its character and make KISL the great snapshot of Avalon.  (Yes we are aware it is radio, and you can’t take a snapshot of sound, but hey, you get the picture)

Tune in on your time.

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Computer & Radio.  Radputer.  Comdio.


88.7 FM Recruiting iPhone Reporters

Want to help your community stay informed?  Got an iPhone or other smartphone?  That’s the only technology you will need to join Island Radio’s news team and to begin broadcasting live on the radio, says station manager David Markowitz.
“With a simple app called iTalk we can take your voice straight from your phone to the airwaves,” says Markowitz.  “Everyone who participates will be helping Islanders get information about local events, and to pass along vital news in case of emergency.” To join Island Radio’s Squad of Smartphone Reporters,
call (424) 226-2837 or click here.

The “HA – HA – BOATER” Hotline : (424)226-2837

Nixon and Mao had their red phone.  Now we have ours.

So, why in the world should I call  HA – HA – BOATER? 

To give a happy birthday wish… To suggest a song… To tell a story… To report a lost wedding ring… To request a snack… To break a news event… To publicize a garage sale… To share a whale sighting… To rant about a parking ticket… To greet a sailing buddy… To congratulate a new mother… To dispel an island rumor… To invite us to a party… To… To…

Ahhh the beauty of it…. just leave a message and Island Radio will pass your voice along through the airwaves and across the island. 


424 226 2837

Nice Rack. Or… How KISL Gets a Needed Donation.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m lounging around at the Getty Center waiting for a call from the KTTV sky copter. My iphone starting buzzing just as I finished an overpriced Caesar salad.

“Meet me at the Van Nuys Airport in thirty minutes.”

The Van Nuys airport, lodged between a Home Depot and a Budweiser brewery on a desolate stretch of Roscoe Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley is probably best known for its central role in airlifting South American pharmaceuticals to Hollywood nostrils during the snowstorms of the 1970’s. This is not LAX.

Larry Flint’s private jet taxis by as I enter the security zone. In a wide open hangar I glimpse the gleaming blue fuselage of a vintage test craft, the kind of speed machine Chuck Yaeger would fly. Or Chuck Norris. BK waves me over to his SUV and we survey the merchandise.

“Nice Rack.”

It barely fits into my Toyota but we squeeze it in. 16 hours later it’s on a barge to Catalina Island, where its new home is the Greenhouse. High-rise housing for the console power supply, the Universal Power Supply, the Optimod, the Studio Transmitter Link, and the Emergency Alert System. The Greenhouse just got a whole lot cleaner. Thank you KTTV!

Electronics Rack for KISL
Electronics Rack for KISL