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KISL Presents Meet the…

By now you may be able to pick out our DJs voice in a crowd, but can you pick their words off a page?

Test your KISL DJ knowledge here and guess who said this:

“Well I do a sing along song each show, but the rest of the time the mic is just off. If you ever come by the studio you’ll see me dancing like a fool.”

Was it:

A) Johnny B-Side  

B) Glenn Robison 

C) Catalina Pinky  

D) David Weinberg

If you guessed all of the above, you probably would be correct, but C) Catalina Pinky said it in her Meet the… interview.

See the rest of Catalina Pinky’s interview to find out more about her on and off the air. You can also listen to Catalina Pinky’s archived shows so you too can dance and sing along with her.

Read about Radio:

Catalina is full of characters, and KISL has been lucky enough to harness some of that character for you to listen to.

All of us here at KISL have gotten to know these local djs pretty well over the last year, so we thought it was about time to share who these people are. But instead of letting them smooth talk their way out of tough questions, we put it in writing.

Below is an excerpt from the interview, to read the who intervew follow this link:
Read what Freakdog has to say when he is alex This will also take you to Freakdog’s archived show page and you can hear him in his own words (and voice).

KISL: What got you started in radio, how did you get your own show?

Alex: My start here was a music reviewer. We (KISL) acquired a library of cds and my job was to listen to them and see what was appropriate for the station. KISL started looking for some live on air shows and I wanted to hear music that I didn’t hear anywhere else, and so I pitched that idea and they said ok, and off I went!