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Listen to the 4th of July

The Catalina Island Museum is hosting their second annual Fourth of July Concert at Casino Point today.

Not on Catalina, or stuck cleaning the BBQ while everyone is at the beach? Well not to worry, you can enjoy the show from where ever you are! Turn on your tube radio to 88.7 FM locally or stream anywhere in the world online.

cim 4oj

Be sure to stop by and enjoy all the local acts:

Doors open at 1:00 pm
2:00 pm Hot Off the Range
3:50 pm IPA
5:40 pm Catalina Island All-Stars
7:30 pm Something
9:00 pm Avalon`s Fourth of July Fireworks
9:15 pm Fighting Chance

And of course the shows emcee, you’ve heard him all week on KISL and this morning getting ready, Emperor Rosko will be taking the stage in between the music.

Catalina writers wanted for Radio Workshop

Catalina writers wanted for Radio Workshop

Picture 1 black and whitePicture 1 black and, based in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, has partnered with KISL to offer a week-long workshop for aspiring producer/writers of radio stories here in Avalon.  Until now, you had to go to the East Coast to find instructor Rob Rosenthal and attend the program.  For the first time ever, the program, shortened to one week, will be coming to Southern California.

Two Catalina residents will be able to attend at greatly reduced tuition.
To find the application and for more info, click here.

Avalon is Flying High!

You know where to see the Catalina Air Show:

Anywhere in Avalon.

But where can you hear the live Air Show Announcer?

Anywhere in Avalon!

Tune into KISL 88.7 fm, stream live from or use the TuneIn app on your smart phone and get your own personal Air Show Announcer so you know all the Air Show terms:

Barrer Roll, Cuban Eight, Entry Speed, Hammerhead, Kife-edge Flight, Loop…

Tune in and you too can speak the language that defies greavety.

Saturday September 29th. The day to get your head in the clouds.

Meet the newest DJ at KISL… you!

It’s your destiny, your dharma, the constellations are aligned. It’s time to take your rightful place in the DJ booth at KISL – you can’t put off the inevitable any longer! Our next round of free DJ classes begins Monday, September 17 at 6pm. After three classes you will be ready to start making radio – isn’t that why you were sent here in the first place? For more info, call the station at 424-226-2837… HA-HA-BOATER.

Classes: Three Mondays, 9/17, 9/24, 10/1 from 6pm-7:15pm.

Open to: Any and Everyone interested in community radio on Catalina Island

Where: The Greenhouse studio, located in machine-gun park next to the Holly Hill House and the empty Catherine Hotel.

More info: 424-226-2837

Avalon in full Swing

So often the images of historic Avalon are invoked into our imagination;the steamer ships, the flying boats, the movies filmed on the island, and how could we forget the live music in the Casino Ballroom.

Thanks to 2PlySwing we don’t have to imagine anymore, come experience the Catalina Swing Dance Festival where you can refine (or learn) your swinging steps all day, and put those skills on display all night.

Stay tuned in for live interviews with Joel Ply-founder of the festival- musicians, dancers and many more to learn about how you can be involved in reliving this toe taping part of Catalina’s history this November 18-20th.

**update!** Hear the live interview with Joel and Jenna.

More insights with special guest instructors (really, ‘more insights’ than you think…)

George Gee shares the fun of live music that can follow along and lead an audience ready to dance.
The George Gee Swing Orchestra

New additions to the Archived Shows page

Check out the latest songs from Koffeehouse Unplugged every Thursday at the Country Club.

in studio: brett hunter & tara j king erick macek
shawn hloofoff and koffeehouse music

in concert: lee ferris trevor davis trent hancock chris accardo
ofVerona brett hunter & tara j king

LIsten to the live recording of ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’, an original song written and performed by the Avalon Middle School Advanced Band.