T’s Tuesday Night Bluegrass Hour

T’s Tuesday Night Bluegrass Hour — A full 60 minutes (gotta throw down an encore now and then) of high quality acoustic music. This show keeps it rolling with straight ahead banjo tunes and “T” hand-picks the finest bluegrass guitar music to stimulate the mind. Rest assured, the bass, mandolin, fiddle and dobro are no less important. The full range of bluegrass instrumentation colors the airwaves as this show bounces from straight ahead traditional grass to the best progressive sounds. T’s Tuesday Night Bluegrass show will keep you in the know with old favorites and modern gems, spanning the breadth of an American musical tradition. Listen to a variety of the new acoustic ensembles and Monroe faithfuls that are keeping the heart of a deceptively deep and decidedly vague genre beating, while at the same time learning from the masters of the past. More simply, good music on acoustic instruments from a knowledgeable source. Tuesday nights from 7:30 – 8:30 on 88.7 KISL or navigate your way to kislavalon.com to stream online.


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