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This week: Community starts with you
David Markowitz is no stranger to KISL; in fact our community radio station owes a thanks to our current Station Manager for helping start Island Radio over a decade ago. Marko, as he his known, helped establish the station and over the last year and a half he has given new direction to Island Radio putting more emphasis on community involvement.
KISL: How did you first get involved with KISL?
Marko: I first got involved as executive director of the Catalina Island Performing Arts Foundation in 1999. I spent two years finalizing the FCC license required to permanently broadcast from Avalon City Park. There were some real community heroes who kept the idea of having community radio alive, especially Anni Marshall and Susan Offield. They have been joined by our current radio heroes, including volunteer staff members Bruce Knopper and Jordan Monroe, and of course our super gang of DJs, contributors and current CIPAF board.
KISL: What is your favorite thing about community radio?
Marko: My favorite thing is that it is a creative forum that combines arts and opinions and personality and shares it in an entertaining and interesting way. It reflects the community and also enriches the community, because it really is the community.
KISL: What are the different ways someone can get involved with local radio?
Marko: It is kind of a staircase of involvement that can start as simply as publicizing your own special event, or your community organization’s special event. Then it moves up to helping others promote their events or report on community news. Then it moves up to hosting you own radio show that provides a forum for your artistic and community interests.
KISL: How can someone actually get something on the air?
Marko: We are very tech savvy at KISL, and it can be as simple as using your smart phone to leave messages on the radio, or as sophisticated as producing your own radio or TV show in our Green House Studio at City Park. I’m really exited about our current DJ class, and I am looking forward to the new shows that will come from them. If anyone wants to join and learn how to be a part of Island Radio we have a one-hour class the next two Mondays at 6:00 p.m. or just get a hold of me any time:
KISL: Can local organizations be a part of KISL?
Marko: That goes without saying. A local organization or an individual who wants to learn to how to be a part of our forum, we have an open door policy and we encourage all manner of involvement. With that involvement comes small responsibilities, we all take out the trash, wipe down the console and participate in fundraising, but we all gain a creative community tool that makes our town more interesting every day.
KISL: What do you do when you’re not on doing radio?
Marko: I teach instrumental music at Avalon school; this is my 11th year. I have two teenage daughters who are students at Avalon School. And I can be seen sailing around Long Beach Harbor on my little boat.
KISL: Any big plans coming up for KISL?
Marko: On December 3rd KISL is going to host a telethon where we going to feature community organizations around Catalina, provide some great entertainment, raise awareness about these organizations and help raise some funds for KISL.
KISL: If you were to host your own show what would it be?
Marko: I would like to see the Mayor, School Principal, Island Company President and other community leaders appear on-air once a week to share with the community what they are doing and to field questions from callers.
KISL: (Question we ask everyone-courtesy of Sarah L.): If you were in a white room with no windows or doors, and the walls were of an infinite height what song would you listen to to lift you out of the room?
Marko: Something in the Air by Thunderclap Newman.

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