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AVALON, CATALINA ISLAND – This week: A Pink Shade of Green

Every Thursday night from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. the KISL’s green studio in City Park glows pink when Rosie Taylor steps behind the mic, becomes Catalina Pinky and sings along with the finest female artist she has picked out for her Ladies Night show.

Over the last year Rosie has shared countless (about 60, as of  June 2012!) female singers, songwriters and performers. We sat down with Rosie so she could share with us about one female dj here on Catalina.

KISL: How did you come up with Catalina Pinky and Ladies Night?

Rosie: Well, Catalina Pinky was a nickname my husband gave me when we came to the island, so it was the obvious choice for my show, and for my show, since there is a ladies night at the local bar I thought it would be a great twist on the name to do a female artist celebration.

KISL: Does your appreciation change for these artists as you do research for your show?

Rosie: Yes definitely, and I’m learning all kinds of things I didn’t know, even with music I grew up with. My favorite example is on Carley Simon’s “You’re so Vain” Mick Jagger does back up, I never know that, and if you listen close you can hear him-they were dating at the time too. Also, I never realized how much work, sometimes decades, it takes for these people to get noticed. When you see a superstar you think they just arrived there, but there is so much work, especially artists from the early year, women were just backup singers, male artists didn’t want to have a woman front them. There was a lot they over came that we don’t know about, and I’m just learning about.

KISL: What is the most fun about being a dj?

Rosie: It is the last thing people expect when they see me, it is fun to talk about…and I like to think my kids like a mom who is a dj, I’m the coolist mom on the block. It lets me be someone else for two hours a week, I get to talk about things that interest me, and the feedback I get from people is really fun and surprising.

KISL: If you could have any guest in the studio for your show, who would you like to have?

Rosie: I’m tempted to say Steven Tyler, cuz I’m such a fan, but he doesn’t fit in my show exactly, so I would say Aretha. If I could do one sing along song with her, it would be like dying and going to heaven. Better.

KISL: Do you have anyone special who listens to your show?

Rosie: My kids and niece, I have family scattared all over the U.S. and it is really fun to know they can listen to me. When my kids were stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq they would listen to me, pull up the archived shows and listen, because I am on 2 am or so. It was nice thinking I was reaching out to the troops.

KISL: We’ve heard you sing in the local plays, how come we don’t hear you singing along during your show?

Rosie: Well I do a sing along song each show, but the rest of the time the mic is just off. If you ever come by the studio you’ll see me dancing like a fool. Sometimes when I get back on the air I have to catch my breath, and I tell everyone I was just singing and dancing like a fool.

KISL: What would you say to anyone who is thinking about doing their own show?

Rosie: Do it! Just do it. Don’t let any fears or thinking you can’t learn this stop you. I’ve been doing this for over a year, and I still make mistakes, but it is so much fun. I had zero prior experience, so that just proves that if you are willing to try and dedicate, it does take a commitment, but it is so worth the time.

Hear the next featured female artist on Ladies Night every Thursday at 6 p.m. on 88.7 fm and streaming at You can also catch Rosie riding around town on her pink scooter, so follower her to the KISL studios.

To get involved with KISL or to learn more about getting your own show on the air call 424-226-2837 (HAHA-BOATER) or contact Jordan Monroe the Community Outreach Director-


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  1. thank you so much for covering Shirley Temple!!! I remember all the songs and sang along with with them. I really enjoy your show and all the heart and soul you put into it.
    The spinach song! Thank you,

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