…a stairway to KISL

The Avalon Lion’s Club took time out from their Saturday to help make sure everyone has access to the KISL studio.

Volunteering their time, the Lion’s Club torn down the old stairs and rebuilt them from the ground up!

Now KISL’s volunteer DJs, studio guests, and visitors can not only ascend with confidence but the sold decking and railing provides the perfect raised platform to act as a soap box, but luckily for you the airwaves are all the soap box they need, and you can choose to tune in.

But maybe we will do a jig on the deck.

To celebrate their hard work the KISL DJs shared their appreciation the best way they know how, on the radio!

Rapidly Rotating Records host Glenn Robison dedicated two segments of his show to ‘stairs’ and ‘stairways’. (see Glenn’s post below*)

Ladies Night with Catalina Pinky was inspired and did a whole show on the group STEPS!

Read about the Lion’s fun and see some pictures on eCatalina.com

Epilogue: a shout out to Johnny B-Side for painting the stairs green!


A huge THANK YOU to the Avalon Lions Club for replacing the porch, stairs and railing at the massive KISL studio complex…

Posted by Rapidly Rotating Records on Friday, December 12, 2014

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