Free DJ Classes Starts This Monday!

To everyone within the sound of my voice (and/or to everyone reading this),

Thank you for being a part of Catalina’s community radio where we all work (volunteer) hard to bring you the best parts of Catalina – YOU!
We are excited to announce our latest Free DJ classes where you can learn just what it takes to be an Island DJ.
That’s right, in just 3 days (spread out over 3 consecutive Monday’s) in just over 3 hours total you will be ready to introduce yourself as DJ (your name goes here)!
If you are even just curious about this opportunity feel free to stop by. No experience is necessary, nor is any idea as to what you would like to do for a show.
Over the last 2 years KISL has produced almost two dozen qualified and KISL certified radio DJs, which you can hear when you turn on your radio (88.7 FM), stream online or check out our Archived Shows page and listen to some of the past shows.
Still not sure about this whole radio DJ thing for you, check out some of our veteran DJs talk about, well, themselves:

Jay Jay con Queso (y Alex)

Johnny B-Side

The Don Timoteo

Now that you have been talked into it, and we know it didn’t take much, training starts this Monday, April 15 at 6:30 pm and continues for three Mondays at the Green House Studio in City Park.
Classes are FREE!
Call our HAHA-BOARTER (424-226-2837) for more info or email Marko the Station Manager: or Jordan the Community Outreach Director:

Thanks for listening.
Hear ya’ later,
The KISL Team