Hello friends…as you know, the world can be a strange and difficult place. A hard-working ham and egger needs to relax after a tough day at the tough day place, and what better way to do it than with some of the most delightful sounds ever committed to vinyl, CD, or fancy, high-tech MP3? Yes, all of these platforms have gone into this week’s episode, so why not settle in and let the talented, tender fingers of your friend music sooth your scene? It’s all a mere click away. Thanks for listening!



Well, this one’s really a doozy, folks. Meaning that it’s overflowing with sheer, unadulterated dooze, a rare quality found only in trained seals, certain ice cream men and cheerleaders from the American south. There’s also music, including Mott the Hoople, Sarah Vaughn, The Handsome Family, Loretta Lynn, Magic Sam and so many more. Plus, me talking about sensational Koko the dog. Dig in!  ATAM 16 COMPLETE

What does Service mean to you?

What do you think you get from giving ten months of service back your American community?

Find out what it means to Gold 7 the AmeriCorps NCCC team currently lending a hand to our island community this Friday February 8th at 5:30 pm.

88.7 AmeriCorps

Next time your are watching a game at Joe Machado Field, notice the native plants below the bleachers and be sure to thank the Catalina Native Plant Nursery for the plants and AmeriCorps for planting them.

Catalina writers wanted for Radio Workshop

Catalina writers wanted for Radio Workshop

Picture 1 black and whitePicture 1 black and, based in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, has partnered with KISL to offer a week-long workshop for aspiring producer/writers of radio stories here in Avalon.  Until now, you had to go to the East Coast to find instructor Rob Rosenthal and attend the program.  For the first time ever, the program, shortened to one week, will be coming to Southern California.

Two Catalina residents will be able to attend at greatly reduced tuition.
To find the application and for more info, click here.