Hello friends, and let me bid you a very special welcome to show #15, a monumental achievement in the history of All This & More. Never before has there been a 15th show. And come next Wednesday and show #16, well, we can kiss this our friend 15 goodbye. I fear we shall not see its like again. So please, listen in with at least a tad of reverence. Or with a reverend named Tad. ATAM 15 FULL SHOW 1

2 thoughts on “ALL THIS & MORE With PETER GILSTRAP – SHOW #15 – 1/30/13”

  1. Peter ….really have enjoyed the shows I have heard so far …. a lot of it seems to be the music of my life … a varied llife so far i admit… great to hear your voice… I agree with another comment – please tell us more stories! cheers, Audrey

  2. excellent show, can KISL also post the downloads for the Many Moods of Ben Vaughn – and also how bout playing older versions of these shows on the “non new show nights”? And – one other thing – can they do 2 or 3 hour long shows – 1hr and I’m just getting in the mood!
    Gerald Knuth, Rancho PV

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