Hello friends, and let me bid you a very special welcome to show #15, a monumental achievement in the history of All This & More. Never before has there been a 15th show. And come next Wednesday and show #16, well, we can kiss this our friend 15 goodbye. I fear we shall not see its like again. So please, listen in with at least a tad of reverence. Or with a reverend named Tad. ATAM 15 FULL SHOW 1

Catalina’s Wild Side Caught on Film

Continuing to bring you the best of Catalina’s efforts check out this project:

Catalina Logo

Check out their Kickstarter prjoect to help make this project a reality.

88.7 wildlife documentary

Listen to the story, the passion, and the importance behindĀ Catalina Island: A Wildlife Documentary


for the full interview, technical mistakes, eloquent convictions, rewardable efforts and all listen below:

You will hear from:
Spencer Creigh, Director/Producer:
Spencer grew up on Catalina Island. Developing a strong connection with the island and its wildlife was not only a major element of his upbringing, but it is a major aspect of his identity. Spencer has produced, written and directed seveal international documentaries on an array of different topics. Spencer carries his passion for the current and future state of the environment, humanitarianism, and adventure into every project he develops.

Pasqual Gutierrez, Producer:
Pasqual is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and producer. While he has worked on short narrative films and music videos, his emphasis and passion lies in documentary films. Pasqual has had experience producing internationally in Vilankulos, Mozambique, and has also co-produced a short, environmental documentary in Kona, Hawaii. An advocate for socail justice, cultural anthropology, and environmentalism, Pasqual utilizes the art of documentary to explore these subjects of interest.

To meet the rest of the team check out their website


Welcome to the first edition of ATAM for the year 2013, folks!

Which means a sweet, delicious hour of delightful ear candy to soothe the mental hellscape of another year unfolding, right before your aging, bagged eyes. Just kidding! You look fantastic! Seriously! Look, we’ve known each other for what, eleven weeks now. I wouldn’t lie to you. I still find you very attractive. Yes, of course, you’re smart too. It’s not just a physical thing. Really. Come on, we’ve been through this before. Okay, calm down. Now how about paying attention to the show? It’s good, trust me. We can talk later.

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