Catalina Holiday Telethon This Monday December 3 on Channel 3

Telethon 12.3.12
Catalina Telethon December 3

Catalina Holiday Telethon This Monday on Channel 3

Finally…something exciting to do on a Monday night!  Unbelievable, yet true.  It turns out that our unique and at times controversial community radio station KISL has dreamt up a plan that will evacuate you and your Monday from Dullsville.  Please sit down, Sir or Madame, you do not have to leave your comfortable chair, it takes place on Channel 3, only a few clicks of the remote control over from the football game.  And after all that money you lost last week on Philadelphia, don’t you need a week off from football?
That’s right, KISL has jumped into making TV programs, and you can see the first this Monday at 7:00 p.m. on Channel 3.  Produced entirely here in Avalon, the Catalina Holiday Telethon will wow, entertain, and emotionally drain you with hilarious antics, exhilarating footage, and unspeakable theatrical catastrophes, many of them LIVE.  But true to its radio roots, a great part of this television event will feature the talents of Catalina’s finest musical artists.  Count on grand performances from Sean MacLeavy, Marshall Brown, Spencer Davis, Roger Connelly, Vern Altieri, Mary Stein, Ryan Ramming, Dave Thompson, Johnny Vickers and all the rest as KISL brings the big guns out and bombards you with merriment.  And who wouldn’t want  just a wee bit of that for the holidays?
The Catalina Holiday Telethon:  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Monday, December 3 on Cable Channel 3, Catalina Broadband Solutions.  For more info:  424-226-2837.

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  1. To Marko, In.Re. Telethon:
    KISL has made mention of Channel 3, Catalina Public Access TV Channel before. There are Off-Islanders who would love to have this channel streamed for Internet viewing! Could that be done? Perhaps this could be set up before the Telethon!

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