Avalon in full Swing

So often the images of historic Avalon are invoked into our imagination;the steamer ships, the flying boats, the movies filmed on the island, and how could we forget the live music in the Casino Ballroom.

Thanks to 2PlySwing we don’t have to imagine anymore, come experience the Catalina Swing Dance Festival where you can refine (or learn) your swinging steps all day, and put those skills on display all night.

Stay tuned in for live interviews with Joel Ply-founder of the festival- musicians, dancers and many more to learn about how you can be involved in reliving this toe taping part of Catalina’s history this November 18-20th.

**update!** Hear the live interview with Joel and Jenna.

More insights with special guest instructors (really, ‘more insights’ than you think…)

George Gee shares the fun of live music that can follow along and lead an audience ready to dance.
The George Gee Swing Orchestra