3 thoughts on “Don Timoteo Takes on Bank of America”

  1. Don – are you going to discuss the ridiculous golden parachute payouts that are a big part of BofA’s history? I worked there in the late 1990’s. People would put in for bonus payment and get it approved. My supervisor did a revised form (basically putting in the new investment services entity) and spent five days on the form. She completed the outstanding achievement form and was rewarded with $2500 for doing her job!

  2. I tried to catch you tonite but something seem to ba messing things up…heavy rain here??? Any way keep up the chatter and I’ll catch you one of these days soon.

    George Trapp
    Macomb MI
    (your cousins husband)

  3. So sorry I missed you Don Timoteo. Hopefully next time! Always love to hear what you have to say regarding just about any subject! Who’s the bomb? Don Timoteo!!

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