Opportunity to change Island transportation

KISL Needs Your Help to discuss Peer-to-Peer Carsharing to Catalina Island.  
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RelayRides, the first neighbor-to-neighbor carsharing service, is in talks with city leaders to bring its innovative service to Catalina Island. RelayRides would allow island car owners to monetize their vehicles by letting their neighbors pay to use them when they’d be otherwise sit idle. Borrowers benefit as well, gaining the ability to reserve a car from as low as $5/hr, giving them increased mobility options without the need to own their own vehicle. Best of all, the entire island wins by being able to use fewer cars more efficiently, saving precious resources and the environment as a whole.

In the coming weeks, RelayRides is adding new functionality to its service to allow for new communities to be served. This means that for the first time, cities, universities, corporations and other institutions can easily provide carsharing services to their communities in addition to the already established RelayRides communites in San Francisco and Boston. The car owners make money from the fees when neighbors rent their car. RelayRides provides the majority of the hourly rental fee to the owner while covering insurance during the rental.

RelayRides is pleased to say they are in discussions with the City of Avalon and the Catalina Island Conservancy to bring peer-to-peer carsharing to Catalina Island. “This sounds as if it could be exactly what we need on the island,” says Councilmember Sue Rikalo. You can find the presentation to City Council from July 5th on www.ecatalina.com. (beginning at 4 min 30 sec).

As the word spreads and questions grow we will be presenting a live on-air interview with Shelby Clark, founder of RelayRides Tuesday June 26 at 6:00 p.m. on KISL 88.7 and streaming at www.kislavalon.com where you can call in and ask questions directly. Both RelayRides and the city are seeking feedback from residents with interest in the program. Residents are encouraged to voice their support and any questions to catalina@relayrides.com and visit a list of frequently asked questions about the RelayRides service at www.relayrides.com.

“We think carsharing on Catalina is a perfect example of how RelayRides can help a city reduce vehicle congestion while fostering community,” say Shelby Clark. “This is as much about neighbors helping neighbors as it is preserving the serenity and environment of Catalina Island.” Mel Dinkel, a representative of the Conservancy’s Transportation Working Group mirrors those sentiments stating “the Conservancy is always looking for better ways for Avalon residents to access the interior and enjoy the very special place we’re trying to protect.”

About RelayRides: RelayRides is the world’s first neighbor-to-neighbor carsharing service. We enable car owners to lend out their private vehicles to their neighbors by providing the insurance and technology to make the transaction safe, convenient, and easy.RelayRides represents the first service for car owners to monetize one of their most valuable assets, by enabling them to make thousands of dollars per year by sharing their car when it would otherwise be idle.Furthermore, we provide affordable, on-demand mobility to those who need access to a car, making it easier to live without owning a personal vehicle and allowing members to save thousands of dollars per year compared to car ownership. RelayRides leads to fewer cars on the road, less driving, and cleaner air for us all.

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