88.7 FM Recruiting iPhone Reporters

Want to help your community stay informed?  Got an iPhone or other smartphone?  That’s the only technology you will need to join Island Radio’s news team and to begin broadcasting live on the radio, says station manager David Markowitz.
“With a simple app called iTalk we can take your voice straight from your phone to the airwaves,” says Markowitz.  “Everyone who participates will be helping Islanders get information about local events, and to pass along vital news in case of emergency.” To join Island Radio’s Squad of Smartphone Reporters,
call (424) 226-2837 or click here.

The “HA – HA – BOATER” Hotline : (424)226-2837

Nixon and Mao had their red phone.  Now we have ours.

So, why in the world should I call  HA – HA – BOATER? 

To give a happy birthday wish… To suggest a song… To tell a story… To report a lost wedding ring… To request a snack… To break a news event… To publicize a garage sale… To share a whale sighting… To rant about a parking ticket… To greet a sailing buddy… To congratulate a new mother… To dispel an island rumor… To invite us to a party… To… To…

Ahhh the beauty of it…. just leave a message and Island Radio will pass your voice along through the airwaves and across the island. 


424 226 2837

some thoughts on feeling music

my music was on shuffle and these songs played back to back:

Sigur Rós – Samskeyti
Gigi D’Agostino -bla bla bla

stream of consciousness:

Sigur Ros – The rolling piano and the pulling strings entice the anticipation of the long steps/stairs in life.

Gigi (Discoteca) – Reflects on the relentlessness of our heart beats. The unforgiving, unchanging thump-thump which keeps us alive everyday. The heavy beats audibly surround our individual hearts and provide the strength of a group working in unison to keep all of us alive-to encourage each other (like in a race ‘come on!’)
Sigur Ros is the butterflies in your stomach.

If Discoteca keeps you alive with its heart beat-

Sigur Ros gives us the moment before we take the defining steps in our life…the anticipation, buildup, unknown…the wave of music that hits us, like an ocean wall, crashes around us but we are under the surface, floating in the calm below the waves, but are still pushed by the current.

Discoteca wants to leave you gasping for air, with your heart pounding as you are using your body -running around feeling your body pull you as you find the limits of ‘human’ (breathing hard) while finding the limitless life in the body’s spirt.

Sigur Ros leaves you gasping because you need more oxygen. It is the deep breath before you plunge into the big steps down the path of life unknown.

Discoteca-the known. The fact that life goes on everyday. That our heart beats are always there, always everywhere.

Sigur Ros-the unknown. The unknown look at life. We look but don’t know what is ahead, especially as we move ourselves: we start actions that we don’t have clear answers to, there is no ridged blue print for how to live.
Sigur Ros is that adventure.
The personal triumphs and tragedies expressed outwardly as they are experienced inwardly.

Discoteca is the continuos heart beat, the pounding that you know is coming again and again, and it moves you, just like your heart moves your body, but with the music it is like having 50,000 people all having the same heart beat sharing their energy to move yours.

Sigur Ros gives the flutters to your heart and stomach. it takes your breath away like your first day of… like a public presentation… like the personal question you only ask one person with hope of an answer that is ‘the rest of your lives’…like waiting for the beginning of…like waiting for the end of…

I find myself picking music to play the same way I pick my movies- based on the mood I’m in, the feeling I want to feel.

This is the tangible side of sound.

Or, it is just music. And you like it, or you don’t care for it. Nothing more, nothing less…

Fedde Le Grand captured it in his video for ‘put your hands up for detroit’ in a sort of Brave New World sentiment with the music giving the beat of life, and in his version, sex gives the movement to life.
viewer discretion is advised: if Le Grand’s music was Aldous Huxley’s Ford assembly line (read the book)

What songs move you? What songs can dictate your mood? Change your feeling at the press of a button- ‘play’?

examples (for me):
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song -First Aid Kit
Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right -Bob Dylan
Glósóli -Sigur Ros
Deceptacon -Le Tigre
Paper Planes -M.I.A.
j. c. m.

Your list here: