Nice Rack. Or… How KISL Gets a Needed Donation.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m lounging around at the Getty Center waiting for a call from the KTTV sky copter. My iphone starting buzzing just as I finished an overpriced Caesar salad.

“Meet me at the Van Nuys Airport in thirty minutes.”

The Van Nuys airport, lodged between a Home Depot and a Budweiser brewery on a desolate stretch of Roscoe Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley is probably best known for its central role in airlifting South American pharmaceuticals to Hollywood nostrils during the snowstorms of the 1970’s. This is not LAX.

Larry Flint’s private jet taxis by as I enter the security zone. In a wide open hangar I glimpse the gleaming blue fuselage of a vintage test craft, the kind of speed machine Chuck Yaeger would fly. Or Chuck Norris. BK waves me over to his SUV and we survey the merchandise.

“Nice Rack.”

It barely fits into my Toyota but we squeeze it in. 16 hours later it’s on a barge to Catalina Island, where its new home is the Greenhouse. High-rise housing for the console power supply, the Universal Power Supply, the Optimod, the Studio Transmitter Link, and the Emergency Alert System. The Greenhouse just got a whole lot cleaner. Thank you KTTV!

Electronics Rack for KISL
Electronics Rack for KISL

The Power of Radio

Turn on the radio, and what can you hear?
What can’t you hear?
When you turn on the radio it is possible for everyone in your city, county, state, and nation even, to be listening to the same thing.
But that doesn’t seem so revolutionary these days.
These days we find ourselves with more and more access to people and things further and further away.
Television, telephones, cell phones, computers and internet, not to mention the good old postal service, all provide similar functions- they connect us all.  And each form does it in a different way, highlighting different characteristics that tell their own special side of the story.
Communication is anchored in stories; conveying what is in one thought to more than one person. This is not the the simplest of accomplishments, whether we are expressing the everyday routine, the everyday lovely, or the everyday amazing…everyday things are happening that people want to share.  Share to remember, share to understand, share to do better, share to look into the future, share to connect…
That is the entire function of radio: music, talk, news, performances…sharing.  And yet still, radio seems no different in purpose than any other communication means already mentioned.  The feelings, the insights, the music, the message, all brought directly to you by means that can reach the masses.
To You-
Radio is communication to the masses.  And the story sharing of radio is powerful like a book.  As you turn each page, as you listen to each segment the greatness of the narrative is only reached in the world of your mind, in the vast of your imagination.  So while everyone around you is listening in, only you can recreate the story in your mind as it is told to you.  It is an incredibly personal experience shared by many.  And each time the story is recreated in a mind it is a little different.  Not that they story itself changes, but the understanding, the meaning, the pictures all are brought together by you, and only you.

The Power of Radio-
The power to reach millions, and to be only understood one at a time.  The power to tell a story that everyone can listen to, but in order to capture you must bring in your whole mind and hear for your self.
I think Steve Allen said it very accurately…

But you will have to tune into Radio Obscura to find out what he said!

Radio Obscura is a new series that takes telling personal messages to the masses to a whole new level, in secret code!  Tune in and hear if you can transform the message on the radio into a message just for you.  Inspired by the Navajo coded messages of World War II, and the childhood giddiness to be passing secret messages on the radio, “how cool is that?!” -Jordan Monroe, at age 10, and 27, Radio Obscura will test your ear and mind to find the common link that breaks the code.  A hint for this first episode, the code can be broken as fast as you can hear it…

radio obscura one

Jordan C. Monroe
Community Outreach Director
KISL Avalon Radio
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